Despite the rising demand for fresh and healthy food, food producers of fresh products face tremendous barriers to success.  Short shelf life means many small start-up producers can only distribute to a narrow geographic area.  Large companies must rely on less desirable preservation methods to achieve greater distribution and longer shelf life, such as chemical additives, heat-pasteurization, or freezing.  Aseptic packaging requirements also require tremendous capital investments, making it difficult for smaller companies to scale up production gradually.

HPP is a cold pasteurization technique.  Food products already sealed in final packaging are introduced into a vessel and subjected to a high level of isostatic pressure (300–600MPa/43,500-87,000psi) transmitted by water.  This cold water pressure treatment for 120-180 seconds inactivates vegetative flora (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mold, parasites) which are present in food without changing the sensorial or nutritional properties.  Food retains its color, taste, nutritional value because there is no heat present to cause alterations.  The shelf life is extended up to 6 months and the product maintains its original fresh quality throughout the shelf-life.  It is incredibly energy efficient, does not require heat and recycles 90% of water from each cycle. 

  • No Capital Investment

Because HPP is usually final “kill step” for foodborne pathogens in the final packaging, food manufacturers can scale up with less cost.

  • Quick Start-Up, Fast to Market

NMFF has partnered with JBT Avure HPP Food Science and Laboratory Services, helping companies jumpstart their R&D.

  • No Overhead and No Maintenance

Co-manufacturing and HPP tolling allows you to focus on growing your brand and selling your products. Cold-storage and logistics support even eliminates your storage needs.

“Recently we partnered with NMFF to further diversify our portfolio and offer our retail and foodservice customers frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat, flame-roasted Hatch Valley chile peppers. This is a fantastic opportunity for us because we will be able to expand our reach and give customers a very clean product, while maintaining the integrity and flavor profile that Young Guns is known for.” 

Chris franzoy, president of young guns hatch valley chile
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