HPP Tolling

We offer an HPP tolling service to food manufactures on a service fee basis, which extends the shelf life of fresh foods without the need for chemical preservatives or heat pasteurization.


We co-manufacture cold beverages, specializing in juice and cold-brew. We can also produce cold-dips, sauces, dressings or repackage food products into HPP-compatible containers.


Our 20,000 square foot facility is nearly all refrigerated, with some limited freezer space. We offer our extra cold storage space to HPP partners first, and extra capacity is available to rent when available.

Product Development

Our HPP partners may need help tweaking recipes or picking packaging. We have also have the ability to help fast track product development, allowing our partners to bring many products to market more quickly.

“We order a lot of agricultural products from outside of the state, so having processing and cold storage in Albuquerque will make it easier for us to work with in-state growers. We would love to use more local homegrown New Mexico agriculture. Buying local is more important than ever.”

Skye Devore, Tractor Brewing and Troubled Mind Spirits
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