New Mexico Fresh Foods manufactures several beverage lines for retail and grocery stores and for the food service industry. Whether you’re looking to wholesale our product lines, distribute for us, or would like to discuss private labeling or co-manufacturing opportunities, you can find examples of our product offerings here.


Verde.® started in 2014 as a cold-pressed juice bar in Santa Fe. Committed to local and organic farming, you can now find Verde.® in Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Albertsons and independent grocers in the Rocky Mountain area. Discerning restaurants and hotels also serve Verde.® as part of their dining menus.

Signature Verde.® Cold-Pressed Juices, 12oz

Verde.® Adaptogenic Wellness Shots, 2oz

Verde.® for Foodservice

Hotel and restaurant operators know the impact of high quality, fresh juice for bars and restaurant menus. Sourcing fresh fruit all year round can be challenging and the labor shortages make it difficult to keep up with the rigorous demand of in-house juicing programs. Verde.® offers a line of food service products in 1.5L and 1.0L bottles to help operators maintain the quality of in-house squeezing at reduced cost and fewer headaches. High Pressure Processing preserves just-squeezed taste for a long and convenient refrigerated shelf life.

Verde.® Citrus Juices

Verde.® Lemonades

Verde.® for Schools

We all know how hard it is to get children excited about vegetables! Schools have the added challenge of creating menus that meet the nutritional requirements established by the USDA. Cold-pressed juice is minimally processed, fresh fruit and vegetables for a younger taste buds without added sugars or preservatives. One 8oz Verde.® meets the definition of 1 cup serving of fruits or vegetables.

Verde.® for Kids

All The Things Craft Cocktails & Mixers

All The Things cocktail mixes are made with premium cold-pressed juice and real cane sugar. Preserved with cold-pressure, All The Things are never heat treated which means premium-quality cocktails without all of the hassle.

All The Things Cocktail Mixes

Los Poblanos Botanical Lemonades

Committed to preservation of regenerative organic farming and the agricultural history of the Rio Grande Valley, Los Poblanos has partnered with New Mexico Fresh Foods on a line of unique botanical lemonades, including cold-steeped Lavender Lemonade using herbs farmed at Los Poblanos.

Los Poblanos Botanical Lemonades

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