HPP Products

High Pressure Processing (HPP) was first developed by the Japanese over thirty years ago for the processing of shelf fish, but it was actually discovered in the 17th century by a French scientist. One of the first adopters in the United States was Wholly Guacamole in 2007 and HPP is now the fastest growing food processing technique used to preserve many types of food without changing the taste, texture or color in any significant way. 

Recognizable brands include Applegate Farms lunch meats, Cocina Fresca salsas, Hope hummus, Pure Spoon baby foods, Organic Girl salad dressings, MALK nut milks, and Harmless Harvest coconut waters.  HPP is also at the center of new food development, like stopping fermentation in kombucha to maintain alcohol levels or killing mold on cannabis leaves.  Baby food is one of the fast growing HPP products, because it allows parents to choose convenient baby foods with all the fresh nutrition of home-made baby food.

“HPP is a whole new world for the incubator students who come here looking for more efficient packaging and ways to extend shelf life and to be able to sell to restaurants or at farmers markets. This is exciting for those of us who are dedicated to keeping our food local, spending money right here, and supporting jobs in New Mexico.”

Anzia Bennet, Director of Three Sisters Kitchen incubator
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